I’ll Take the Red One, Please!

Well, it’s about time!  We are finally starting to see the rollout of non-gas cars, and California is one of the areas slated for the initial introductions.  Where do I plug in?  More to the point, my wife wants to know where to plug in, really she wants to know that I can stick it some where, but it won’t be in our garage.  I’m an early adopter and gadget freak, and this really has my juices flowing.

I signed up on line for information on the Honda hydrogen car some while back, but I never got the call for an invitation to test one out for a year.  I signed up for ‘information’ on the Nissan Leaf on their website, but the information never showed up in my inbox.  My wife is elated.

This week the official announcement came from Chevrolet that their new Chevrolet, not Chevy, if you please, Volt will be rolling out this year for the price of only, choke, $41,000, not counting the $7500 tax credit from the federal government.  This is the perfect solution for running around town since it has a limited range of about 40 miles on electricity only.  I claim that is about my daily range in today’s world, but my wife has that scornful look only wives can get.  I’m still doing my math trying to find other justifications.

They come in red – her favorite color.  She’s not impressed.  She tell’s me to ‘stick it’ one more time, but alas not where.  For now all I have is this picture of this pretty red car, and I’m still searching for that 240 volt socket for my place to stick it.  What’s a digital guy to do?


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