Your P.O.S.T. Bill Has Come Due

Recently, Royal Mail in Britain, proposed major cutbacks in response to the economic crisis on that side of the ‘pond.’  We posted that as another of the signs of the apocalypse for direct mail marketing as we have known it.  Yesterday, Senator Thomas Carper (DE) introduced a bill that would allow the USPS to reduce the number of home delivery days, close unnecessary post offices, and open less-expensive retail outlets or automated kiosks in grocery stores and other retail locations.

The bill, named the Postal Operations Sustainment and Transformation (POST) Act of 2010 would also give the USPS financial relief by addressing pension and retiree health benefit issues that have tied their hands from making what they saw as needed changes.

Wow, it’s about time.  We have a marvelous mail systems in this country, but like so many other legacy systems their effective synergy just doesn’t work the right way any more.

I look forward to seeing the battles that will take place in Congress between the proposals for reform and the constituents of stasis who still relish dictating where and when post offices will be located and hours of operation.  Get a grip.  The time is right to effectively right size the USPS for the benefit of all, including the postal carriers and postal patrons.

Advertising mail drove huge volume increases in the ‘ought’ years with all of the mortgage refi’s and credit cards offers.  There is excess capacity there now and it is downsizing – if you call closing the doors and many mail shops and printers.  Now is the time to finish the job so that direct mail marketing can continue in a leaner and more effective manner as one of the still great direct marketing tools for all of us.


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