What Comes First?

Yesterday, I came across what appears to be a feature on Huffington Post that I had not seen before – The Greatest Person of the Day.  The header says that this will be an ongoing feature, and based on the first, I would welcome seeing it.  We need good news, and this highlights something very appropriate to our times.

Gene Epstein is a 71-year-old philanthropist who has started a Philadelphia based venture called “Hire Just One.”  Gene will donate $1,000 to charity every time a small business in the country hires an unemployed person.  For now his limit is a total of $250,000, but perhaps others might join in so the ceiling could go hire.

Gene sees that the economy can’t get stronger until more people have jobs.  Right now hiring has been slow because companies don’t feel the absolute need to hire in the face of low or uncertain demand.  This is the ultimate which came first, the chicken or the egg?

My advice to my clients is to get on with business and set your path to growth now.  Start hiring and building your teams now for the growth you project in the future.  All of our past economic downturns have shown us that the winners at the end of the recession were those who took action.  They became the new market winners with larger market shares they took from their more reticent competition.

I salute Gene Epstein for his big heart and basic knowledge of economics and marketing.  He is one among us who really knows what comes first. I’ll be checking out Huffington Post and other sites for more good news on those helping to make a difference.


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