The Digital Revolution Continues

The saga continues.  When we last spoke the Egyptian regime of Mubarak had fallen after a 30-year reign.  We toasted to the triumph of the revolution that we hope will bring a democratic regime to Egypt sometime in the near future.  Now the embers from that revolution have spread, and it appears that it has developed into a wildfire throughout the region.

We now know that this began in Tunis with the death of the Tunisian fruit vendor who killed himself as an act of protest.  It spread to Egypt and Yemen and then to Bahrain and now to Libya.  Syria is also threatened from local uprisings.  We said that this had become a Facebook and Twitter revolution since these tools had been used, actually used by both sides of the conflict, to spread the message.  What was relatively easy in Egypt is now looking hard in Libya where Gaddafi is trying hard to stay in powers and vows to die in the attempt.

I speak to the business community in my missives, though I am a bit of a policy wonk, personally.  What does this mean to business?  Three thoughts for today in your search for understanding:

Disruptive technology – disrupts! Our digital tools and social media have changed things forever.  This week we see the “B’s” – Borders and Blockbuster going down in flames.  Bookstores and the local distributor of videos are not viable in this new digital age when everything can be distributed on-line…or at least purchased on line – Amazon does it all.

Once the Revolution has started – it will continue! Once we head down the path there is no turning back.  This is the lesson you will find in all of the recent books on innovation and technology including “What Technology Wants” by Kevin Kelly – a great read.  If you aren’t on board with the new digital revolution you will be run over.  Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch are driving the bus that will be hitting you very soon.

The status quo – doesn’t exist beyond this moment! I was taught a long time ago – “If it ain’t broke – then break it.”  I always loved that slogan, and actually used it to my advantage in practive a number of times.  But I too find myself resisting change in my daily life, and it isn’t pleasant.  I’ve got that slogan up on the wall just over my computer monitor so I can see it many times each day – I am a slow learner.

In this interconnected digital age – change is the only constant.  Adapt to new technology, every day.  Tomorrow will be different, enjoy.  Kind of like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes and it will change.  I guess that kind of makes me the ‘happy weatherman’ to my clients.


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