A Death by Inches for Newspapers


Sometimes you see a chart that stops you dead in your tracks.  I saw one today in The Atlantic that graphically displayed growing and shrinking industries.  My sons both inhabit the top-growing field of the Internet…and I, still have my past linked to the bottom industry – Newspapers.  Ouch!

This is a great chart because it shows growth and size of the industry losses or gains in terms lost at a single glance.  I hope we can see more of these from the suppliers – LinkedIn Analytics.

As I deal with clients and prospects this will be part of my kit bag to help explain key opportunities, and the pockets of pain at the same time.  This is why the recession has been both so deep, and so persistent.  As employment shifts from the old sources to the high growth areas it is easy to see that needed skill sets must be transformed or much of the pain for those who have lost jobs will find it to be permanent.


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