Mega-Trends for Our Near Future?

A recent post on BNET/CBS Interactive by Geoffrey James in their Sales Machine blog caught my attention.  At my first reading it brought a laugh, but then I wondered if  he was really serious, and if there was real meaning there – and there was!  The article was entitled “Five Mega-Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade.” The trends were:

#1 – The Great Stupification

#2 – The Porking of America

#3 – The Gilded Age

#4 – Totally Weird Weather

#5 – Endless Religious War

Got your attention? It got mine, and when I re-read the sections I found the insights, some of which I am integrating into my messages to my clients.  Some might find the headers and the approach a little jarring, but there is real truth down below.  Here are a few of the things I gleaned.

#1 – We have so much information available to us today it is hard to digest. Some are facts and much is just opinion, but how to really know the difference, and how many care?  There are too many voices, and too many choices.  We need filters and trusted advisors to help us make sense of it all.

#2 – We are a super-sized nation who thinks bigger is better, especially when it comes to food, and we do love our junk food. Who profits from this?  Doctors and hospitals who have a vested interested in keeping their clientele ‘growing.’  There is also opportunity in oversized homes, furniture and plus sized clothing.  Don’t forget your giant SUV to haul around those big kids as well.

#3 – The rich are getting richer. We know from recent debates over the tax codes that the top 5% of our population have done exceptionally well.  This is looking more like times past as in the late 1800-1920 when we had a real ‘Gilded Age.’  The opportunity – duh, selling to the rich.  They have the money – go where the money is for both goods and services.  The will pay to be catered to.

#4 – Our weather is getting strange whether we belive in global warming or not. What to do?  First thing is watch where you live.  Living in coastal flood plains might be dicier in the future – same for the deserts when we are running low on water due to lower rainfall.  The opportunity – go green.  Will it work, probably not, but what a great marketing opportunity to sell to people who are not willing to really do something about it.

#5 – Why Can’t We All Get Along? Our last decade of large scale war in the Middle East should tell us that we have some major differences that haven’t changed for a couple of thousand years, why should we think they would change now?  How to make hay while the sun shines here – bet on defense and all things that need to be replaced after war fighting for years in the desert.  There’s likely to be more wars or small skirmishes in the future.  The stock market goes down each time, but then quickly goes up.  Learn to time the market, and you can coin money just like a hedge fund manager does.

As I finish this post, the word has come in today that unemployment figures rose this month, so a hope for good news has been thrown off track.  This is a great time to figure out what the future holds in an ever changing world.  Perhaps these looks at the trends will help find profitable niches to burrow into.  I for one am looking at helping to filter all of the news for my clients, and the good news is that I can do that in my oversized recliner in front of a giant fireplace.  Got to hit all the buttons while you can.